Alka Dog
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The benefits of natural, holistic health care cannot be ignored. That's why the doctors at B.E.S.T. Process have created the ultimate in natural supplementation. Alka Dog is simply formulated to counteract the effects of unhealthy (i.e. incomplete) foods, intrusive vaccinations, and an increasingly toxic environment.

This all natural, whole-food nutritional supplement is rich in organically grown phytochemicals, vitamins, trace elements, essential minerals, enzymes and proteins. Its chlorophyll-based nutrient dense, antioxidant formula, is derived from human grade raw materials. It has been proven as a safe and effective product to enhance your dog’s lustrous coat, skin, eyes, breath, digestion, and immune system. Alka Dog is non-irradiated and contains no gluten, starch, sugar, or yeast.

Alka·Dog® contains:

Barley Grass Juice & Fiber Concentrate. Grown under organic conditions with no chemical fertilizers, insecticides or pesticides, this human-grade supplement helps prevent the imbalances that create illness by providing the raw vegetable nutrition most dog diets are missing. Raw, whole ingredients such as powdered barley grass are considered “living foods” because they contain thousands of the same active enzymes in fresh fruits and vegetables and beneficial chlorophyll for fresh breath, odorless stool and healthy blood cells.

Trace Mineral Powder. Trace Mineral powder provides the essential minerals, which are deficient in today’s animal diet. Mineral deficiencies have been linked to a great number of chronic illnesses. These ingredients play a vital role in every cellular process.

Multi-strain Acidophilus. Added to help dogs digest their food, absorb nutrients, and eliminate toxic substances better, thus eliminating some gas problems and bloating after meals. This ingredient provides several kinds of beneficial bacteria for the colon. Pets eating any type of pet food or cooked food may suffer from a lack of this beneficial bacteria.

Carrot Powder. A provider of Vitamin A (as beta-carotene), natural carrot is important for maintaining healthy skin, eyesight, and immune system function. It is also essential in promoting strong teeth and bones and is vital to healthy liver function.

Garlic Powder. Many studies touting garlic’s healing power say the herb can: help control internal parasites, lower blood cholesterol and lipids, and reduce blood pressure; serve as an antifungal; reduce a wide variety of skin and gastrointestinal cancers; and help diabetic dogs by increasing insulin levels.

Desiccated Beef Liver. The ultimate in palatability, this fresh, natural flavor stimulates the appetite for enthusiastic eating.

And, Alka·Dog® is so easy to use. Simply sprinkle the suggested amount over the dog's food.

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